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Feelworld FW576 5.5" OLED Monitor
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    Won our best of show award!


    800 x 572 - 59K
    800 x 834 - 87K
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  • what are the features apart from being OLED

  • @pureaxis

    We'll have interview about it.

    But OLED is that sets it apart from competition.

  • Regarding competition: The Small HD Focus OLED is 1920x1080 rather 1200x720 and brighter at 350 rather than 300. The FW576 does look to have HDMI out where the Focus does not. Does the FW576 support 3D LUTS? Does the FW576 have an included shoe mount angle arm that allows screen flipping? What is the price of the FW576? Still could be a good value at the right price.

  • @majoraxis

    Idea to use lower res panel is good, as OLED life and look is better. And at 5.5" for on camera monitor usage it is not really lot of a difference.

    About arm and all features thing will post soon.