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Capitalism: Improvements in Hong Kong
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  • Some of these McRefugees are not homeless. They may have homes or apartments but have no air-conditioning or wifi at home. So it's more comfortable at McD's. Others are avoiding nagging family members. You see this throughout China too, but it was mostly KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) instead of McD. About a quarter of the restaurants were filled with people sleeping. All well-dressed, with laptops, smart phones, so not homeless. In the US and Canada, you can see Chinese restaurant workers sleeping at food courts and the back of restaurants. Breakfast starts at 6 to 7am, so preparing all the varieties of dim sum may start at 1 or 2 am, so after breakfast it's time for a Chinese siesta!

  • @jleo

    It is just indicator that instead of fulfilling real people needs system is providing them with something it wants to sell to them, and they just try to adopt and use this.