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Rumors: Panasonic management dreams about selling GH6 cameras features
  • What I heard so far is that Pana will further streamline the portfolio. Essentially there will remain the GX and the GH line only. For GH it will be discussed that you can buy software keys to enable different features for video or photo but hardware will remain the same


    As I told previously about upcoming GH6 lineup current top managers dream is to close certain features of cameras and sell you keys to enable them.
    Difference in price for exactly same hardware camera, but different enabled options, in new upcoming line could reach as much as $1000.
    Idea is to get very big profit margins such way, plus move even more profits further from dealers.
    Discussed GH6 margins are 1.5x of GH5.

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  • The question is when ? :-)

  • I would do the same if given the chance.

    Smart move for big margins. Props for pannacorp. Bad for sheeps that now have to pay for software and hardware. Very cloud base system i see. Even forced cloud storage requirement for suscription. If not, not allí features Will he implemented.

    I see big hacking comunity arrising.

  • I really don't like this tactic, and if it proved true, it would likely be the day I look to another manufacturer. It seems counter intuitive imho when black magic is releasing so much so much sooner, or at least announcing much earlier. Ie, 8k global shutter, raw... etc.. I think though many pro's may bite into this cookie, the real market is those that are willing to sacrifice the refinement of big names, for raw capability..

  • I seriously hope it will not be only be the GX/GH line up, as that will mean they'll be missing out on many other markets (such as an easy entry point to the MFT system, unless someone buys an older model like the GH4)

  • @IronFilm

    It is like infection going out today among all managers. As they hit the capitalism socialization wall they turned to searching maximum profits, next stage will be full size crisis.

  • I sale my GH5 two months ago and bought a GH5s yesterday, I will receive it next Friday. I sale my GH5 because IBIS was a big problem for what I want to do. GH5s is perfect but I am afraid about his Vlog-L... I hope Pana will sale a new Vlog version for the GH5s.

  • Sounds like they are adopting the Arri structure.

  • Dont get affraid little ones. Youth, and social cronic Alzheimer, will carry out it's job.

    You will forget, and you will pay.

    Get the Job done, to get paid, dear hg6 users.