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Australia: Another casuality of MAGA thing
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  • What exactly do these charts refer to? Also what is MAGA?

  • What exactly do these charts refer to?

    Charts have text in them, pretty simple to read :-)

    Also what is MAGA?

    Make America Great Again :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for the insightful reply. Bond Rate? Cash Return Rate? Secured Notes? Exchange Rates? MAGA is not affecting us much. We do most business with China & Japan. image

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  • @caveport

    Actually it does affect Australia and will affect much more soon.
    As whole US plan is to keep pressure on resources (energy and ore) and metals markets. Previous "Great America" happened during cheap and exponentially rising in availability resources.
    Present one exist on the availability drop and prices that need whole power of NATO to control and not let them spiral again.