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US: More and more people live in cars
  • The number of people who live in their vehicles because they can’t find affordable housing is on the rise, even though the practice is illegal in many U.S. cities.

    The number of people residing in campers and other vehicles surged 46 percent over the past year, a recent homeless census in Seattle’s King County, Washington found. The problem is “exploding” in cities with expensive housing markets, including Los Angeles, Portland and San Francisco, according to Governing magazine.

    Capitalists try to sole issue their way

    A recent survey by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP), which tracks policies in 187 cities, found the number of prohibitions against vehicle residency has more than doubled during the last decade.

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  • @jleo

    Around Seattle this things also feel very good and grow.

  • Living in cars, working for Amazon: meet America's new nomads

    Amazon recruited these workers as part of a program it calls CamperForce: a labor unit made up of nomads who work as seasonal employees at several of its warehouses, which the company calls “fulfillment centres”.

    The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles "Explodes" As The Middle Class Collapses

    the number of people living on the street in L.A. has shot up 75 percent over the last 6 years. .... Other major cities on the west coast are facing similar problems, and that includes Seattle. It turns out that the Emerald City has seen a 46 percent rise in the number of people sleeping in their vehicles in just the past year…

  • I just can't wait for the day I can live in my flying car.

  • I just can't wait for the day I can live in my flying car.

    Most probably it'll never happen :-) I mean flying cars.