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Hot pixel, stuck? Fix?
  • I bought a untested cheap secondhand handycam, but when recording I see a small white pixel. First I thought it was the lcd when I was recordeding, but after playback I noticed the white pixel was there to. It can be seen in dark areas, in brighter areas less chance. I was like is it the lens, the sensor and can it be fixed? It does not has senor cleaning option and it is a 3ccd sensor so old camera. I also noticed that when digital zoom is on, I see the pixel move out of the lcd frame at some point. When zooming in and out the white pixel stays the same, could it be the sensor then? It is on the lcd really small, but annoying. It probably or possible went to a x-ray on the airport, because I bought from foreign country. I tried a bit to make screen bright and dark with shutter iris option and try to make it bright, dark fast, shaked camera a bit in hope it goes away. Not sure if anybody knows what is is some dust, lens damage or dust? Any ideas if it is stuck pixel to fix?

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  • Just apply fix in editor.

  • Thanks, but was looking for a camera fix inside camera and not a software fix outside camera. I pushed a few times the reset button. But did not work. It is a Panasonic hdc sd3 and almost the same body look as a hdc sd1, so also I was thinking is there a secret button combination to fix this, if it is a pixel?

  • @Mysteryman3

    No such thing exist.

    As I said - your problem can be fixed in post only.

  • Yes I see options get less, but maybe keep searching and find something. I was hoping also a bit that it could dissappear with some luck.

  • If you are fan of spending time for nothing, welcome :-)

    otherwise just learn little new thing and live with it, but, seriously, get some modern camera. I was SD1 fan in time, but it is really low bitrate beast with interlaced footage.

  • I just wanted to see if the SD3 is the camera I was looking for and try it out. Has bit more pixels and bit bitrate then SD1 I think if that helps?