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Samyang to start making pro anamorphic lenses
  • The Committee for the Promotion of Film (Chairman Oh Seok-geun) announced on June 12 that it will develop anamorphic lens (anamorphic lens) Field tests and demonstrations.

    By developing anamorphic lens, which is the result of this support project, we are expecting the activation of Korean cinematography technology by providing opportunities to spread domestic lenses at economical prices.

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  • what about cost

  • I'd assume the cost will be high - since shooting anamorphic is somewhat of a niche, even "budget" brands like SLR Magic sell their lenses at a pretty high premium. The SLR magic 3-lens kit for m43 is around $8k. I'd be surprised if Samyang's were much less (or if it is much less, I'd be surprised if the lenses weren't awful).