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Red Epic-X 5K camera tear-down
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  • It is new reposting of quite old images. All of them are taken out from FCC pdf.

    I'll try to find it on my disk.

  • Who makes the Cmos in the Epic and the Alexa? Sony?

  • impressive to see than many boards in such a tiny space

    I'm sure there's a few patent firsts in that design...

  • Here is FCC PDF I think it is for Epic M, but difference is not huge

  • Interesting that there does not seem to be separate fcc filing for Scarlet. If not, the hardware is the same ( no need to file again ... just different firmware)

  • @redgamma The Scarlet-X does have the same imager, but fewer boards internally to process far fewer framerates than the Epic can handle with HDR also, and Scarlet-X also can not support simultaneous output of HDMI and HD-SDI. A similar analogy would be the stark internal design difference between a quad-core desktop machine vs tablet or GPU vs integrated graphics CPU in terms of processing power and thermal requirements...

  • @Nickben: That is the 'party line' that is the red official statement. Parroting that is not proving anything. But my theory is the internals are the same exact thing, and the extra epic features are just a firmware difference. Maybe I'm missing something, but where is the FCC file for the 'different' Scarlet product ? If it is the same, then no need to submit again to FCC.

    Also: I is possible that the processor chips in the Scarlet are sub Epic clock speed capable ( same chips, lower grade, like Intel does for cheaper procs ) . That doesn't mean that it can't be 'over clocked' a bit ;)

  • @redgamma I am chuckling over the company line- I am not a Red fanboy... feel free to crack open your Scarlet-X or the next one open you get your hands on and please share photos!

    We like to watch!


  • maybe when it's out of warranty ! ;)

  • if there is no separate FCC filing then the hardware design (mechanical packaging, PWB layout) and all components used must be identical. FW can be different.

  • This is what I'm hoping. A way to get the $10K cam to act like the $38K cam.

    The mother of all camera hacks. With the savings, you can buy twenty eight extra GH2 cams !