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Capitalism: Order, err, Article 13 or EU copyright shits want to filter everything
  • Want to show how fun it looks as capitalist brainwashed people (lot of famous ones!) try to write stupid proposals

    By requiring Internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content that their users upload, Article 13 takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.


    The European Commission’s proposal for Article 13 of the proposed Directive for Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive was well-intended. As creators ourselves, we share the concern that there should be a fair distribution of revenues from the online use of copyright works, that benefits creators, publishers, and platforms alike.

    Guys, it is two mutually exclusive things. Either you want as "creators" to pursue your work to be private property (as knowledge and any software product is means of production) and protected by copyright laws and this means that with time it will turn all into total filtering and total domination of monopolies. Because this is how thing works. Or if you are against filtering and monsters ala Google - you can't support copyright and even more - you can't support capitalism in any form, as copyright is just ill fated shit required in capitalism only.

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  • Such complex systems invented for control, By human for human. Funny thing is people accept it and is happy being Sheep. Will be dificult to be a wolf on this Times. Sheperds use very high tech to keep its cattle beliving.

  • This morning, the EU’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) voted in favor of the legislation, called the Copyright Directive.

    Nice. EU bureaucrats frequently pave the way.

  • Worst possible outcome on #copyright vote in European Parliament just now: article 13 adopted, no TDM exemption, etc.

    Final vote is in January 2019, and after that, the new law would need to be interpreted and implemented by EU member states.

    Nice. Ruling class becomes more and more afraid.