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Rumors: Olympus can pass Photokina due to future merger
  • Multiple sources told me that Olympus will NOT have a stand at this years Photokina. Instead they will have a “Perspective Playground”. This means there is a 99,9999% chance Olympus wont announce a new camera

    One of the reasons can be that digital camera part of Olympus will merge with other m43 strong manufacturer (I khow you get the idea), but later in the year or early 2019.

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  • so camera get bought out by panasonic and medical business by sony?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev you got the merge info from some source or it is a guess? (don't doubt, just curious)

  • @MarcioK

    Sure source of such things never exist until last moments.

    People talk about it.

  • Ja, Olympus verzichtet dieses Jahr in Köln auf einen klassischen Messestand – das hat Pressesprecherin Elisabeth Claußen-Hilbig uns gegenüber bestätigt.

    Olympus confirmed absence of normal stand.

    Rumors of possible digital camera division merger become stronger also.

  • Does that mean we're not gonna get 100mm macro? Not again...

  • @gietrzy

    I have no idea. Whole camera industry is in strange state.

    Each of companies want to deal only with rich who needs 10 cameras minimum, unfortunately for them such guys are in the Red book.

  • It's OK if Olympus doesn't release a 100mm macro - there are dozens of very good ones in the market that you can use with an adapter and for macro work, autofocus is rarely useful. From what I remember, the Canon FD 100mm f/4 macro and Minolta 100 f/4 macro are both pretty well-regarded (I own neither so I can't offer a personal opinion). If you need 1:1, buy the extension tube with them since they only go to 1:2 if I remember right.

    Bonus: I bet you can find excellent/very good copies of the Canon or Minolta lens for less than $200. Given Olympus' lens pricing, I'd expect theirs to cost $600-900.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    You can also look for modern macro lenses with adapters.

  • Yup - I mostly suggested the vintage ones because of the low price and high quality (and because the only modern macro lens I'm familiar with is my Canon 100/2.8L and that's absolutely not a budget option (though it is an absolutely outstanding lens)). :)

    As an even more budget option, it looks like some third-party extension tubes with electrical contacts for m4/3 are available for around $30.

  • I hope Olympus still has a booth at Cp+ 2019. They had the best layout, and interaction with guests of all the major manufacturers.