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Any reason to install the new hack on an already hacked GF13?
  • Is there any reason to install the new hack on an already hacked GF13? Does the new hack add anything to the GF1 that the old hack doesn't have?
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  • Yes, the best reason(s) are the improved versions of the various LPowell settings, which appear to be more stable according to initial reports.
  • Well I don't think so really until LPowell will release 2nd version of his Fast Action 720p30/25 Patch for GF1. Looking forward to it :)
  • Plus we need to port all new patches to GF1 (480p MJPEG and AVCHD new settings).
  • OK so it looks like the new settings only apply to the GH1. I will wait until those new settings are ported then. Thanks for all of your hard work Vitaliy and LPowell.