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Sony A6700 coming soon
  • Rumored specs

    • New, better dynamic range stacked APS-C sensor
    • Higher fps for video
    • Focus on HDR/HLG
    • Still problems with temperature on high frame rate 4K modes
    • Even more simplified menus made for smartphone generation
    • Target buyers will be young Asian travelers and rich old EU/US guys who do not want to carry bigger cams
    • Sony hope to have another record margin on this
    • Release in late July - September
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  • Still problems with temperature on high frame rate 4K modes

    But will overheating at last be solved for good in 4K 24/25/30?

  • Crazy rumordetail that the heatproblems are still there. Such things don't leak but are hand on user experiences

  • It's funny - between this and the RX100 VI, they seem to be ignoring that a lot of users would be satisfied with little or no upgrade other than improved battery life and less overheating.

  • @RKM

    This is exactly that can be known from early prototypes.

  • At least the stacked sensor could solve that huge rolling shutter from the A6500.

  • @MarcioK

    Yes that is what I am hoping for too. Silent shooting without rolling shutter messing up things would be nice. It is good to know that the a6500 still has that even though there is stabilization. I was wondering about replacing my a6300 for a6500 to get a better silent shoot mode. It means I can better go for a6700.

    I assume that the stacked sensor enables A9 like silent shooting.