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Polsen VM-180M DSLR/Video Microphone Deal for $49. Is this mic any good?
  • On sale for $49 for the next 2 days at B&H. I can't easily find reviews on it's quality. I do like the fact it has a headphone jack. Does anyone have experience how it sounds? I have 2 good, prosumer shotguns (Rode NTGs and Beyer MCE 86II) to mount onto DSLRs but though this might be simpler for run & gun work plus have a headphone jack for cameras that don't have them...

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  • We had such in Germany. Shock mount is really bad and make sounds.
    Microphone is also not best, it is cheap Chinese thing. Yep, headphone jack is good, yet as I remember it is weak, plus it does not show you recorded sound from camera (only some version microphone supply).

  • Tx! I will avoid it then :-)

  • prosumer shotguns (Rode NTGs and Beyer MCE 86II)

    Unless it is a NTG3 I wouldn't call it "prosumer".

    to mount onto DSLRs

    Wrong place to put it