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Flexible and Unbreakable Focus Ring
  • I bought one for my Laowa 7.5mm (tiny diameter focus ring). Very well molded. Unbreakable material !

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  • @flash

    Check the link

  • Is it ok now ?

  • Yep, thanks.

  • @flash it looks great, but, I am concerned about the gear teeth being "flexible? Any chance you could post a quick cell phone video clip of how flexible or not flexible the teeth are? -I mean to say: that is where it counts to make accurate focus pulls. TIA.

  • @ CFreak, Yes I do it today.

    @ Vitaliy_Kiselev, have you a PV's YouTube channel ? I will send you the short video.

  • @CFreak, please give me your email in private. I will send you the video with wetransfert.

  • Found affordable seamless gear from another manufacturer. I´ll use this FLEX Gears as the zoom- and iris gears for my "toy-cine-mode" lenses.

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