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PV launched Patreon page - $20 only left to reach second goal
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    All your support will go to improve our measurements (including in reviews) ability and help to make even better our exhibitions coverage.

    800 x 534 - 71K
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  • Welcome to a new capitalistic model. Slowly admiring resources from others ventures.

    Keeping it real

  • @endotoxic please get more specific. I like the idea of Patreon. No advertisement and corporate sponsoring sounds great to me.

  • @endotoxic

    To your knowledge - PV survived so many years only due to support of our members.

    Patreon is best and only options for small donations, plus it allows us to send supporters some useful and interesting things that we have now.

  • Great way to support PV.

  • I've been here since the beginnings of This forum. I don't.NEED remebers.

    It's just we.have to make it better but use others ones tools. Shure it's neo.internet model. What can be done? None.

    Now PV is.monetized, and us the information.feeders shovelling information and credibility for your sustained income.


    Good one.

  • And to make.clear I understand site need income,

  • @bradneffphoto

    Thanks for long term support, Brad.

  • @endotoxic

    Thanks for understanding.

    Try to find $1, time to become part of the team. :-)

  • monthly support done.

  • I think Patreon has nothing I want to support as a platform. But I think PV is an excellent site and well worth all the support it can get. I am curious why there is no direct donate button in PV? I Don't want to give any of my money to Patreon.

  • @RRRilla

    Well, you can instead give much more to Paypal :-) We used it also (and I can turn banner for you :-) ).

    Read this to understand why Patreon make more sense -

    I think that goal oriented structure (that we learn and will improve much soon) and regular small donations are right way.

  • We are $2 only away to collect your 5 questions and ask largest Chinese manufacturers on BIRTV.

  • As we reached first goal, make sure to post questions to companies (or just questions about specific product) in this topic. We'll ask them.

    Next goal will be to get slightly more support for our editors.