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Lishuai 508AS LED light
  • I had posted this in the wrong place. Vitaly asked me to move to it's own post.

    You can get this 508 LED light from the deals:


    It seems to be the big brother of the popular 312. It came with a nice bag with two layers of padding; accessories go in the bottom and are held in by elastic straps, then a padding lay closes over them. Put the light in and another padded layer protects it. It also came with to np750 style batteries and dual charger, like the 312, as well as mains cables and a nice mini ballhead:



    So far, the only negative is the extremely thin diffuser. It might be thicker than a business card, but just barely. The Z96's diffuser makes this look like tracing paper. Plus the darn thing does not fit in the bag. Seems like it was an after thought. I'll have to find something to replace the thing with:


    I haven't done any real testing with it. It is a little blue, but could easily be gelled. A custom diffuser would make that easier.

    Here is my small theater with no light:


    And here it is with the 508 at full brightness:


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  • You could always carry a couple sheets of opal and 2 clothespins. Just sayin'...

  • Actually, it appears that they have a similar light that I posted about last week ...

  • @rockroadpix Thanks for the opal suggestion. I like the light a lot so far.

    My criticism of the diffuser should not be interpreted as a deal breaker; it is not. It would be nice if it were thicker. The bigger issue is the the fact it doesn't fit in the bag. Again, not a deal breaker, but it would be nice if it was as finished as the Z96 lights.

  • To be honest, sometimes cheap diffusers can alter the color temp. You may want to lose it altogether.

  • I got a 312AS light from our special deals thread, and I like it. I'm looking to possibly purchase the 508 (don't have one yet). But I notice that the 508 costs more than two of the 312AS. So I'm wondering if putting together two 312s will give you the same or more power than one 508? I know that it is very convenient to have one light with more power than putting together two separate lights. But I'm curious about the overall power between the two lights.

  • I ordered the 508 LED Light and 3X led 100 watt fresnels. I don't have the fresnelds yet, but I recieved the 508 LED Light bi colour. Very quick delivering! No problems at all I'm very happy with whit the powerledpanel! I didn't test it for video yet, but it is very powerful. Handy that you can switch between colortemp. There are 254 white leds arount 5600 kelvin and 254 leds around 3200 kelvin. I really like it.