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Anyone ever considered a Sony NEX-5N Hack?!
  • I'm a long time GH1/GH2 hacked user. I viewed the Christmas Shootout videos from Phillip Bloom, and I realized that the DSLR with the most cinematic potential aside from the GH2 is the NEX 5N. If someone could hack the NEX 5N to a higher bitrate, it could probably gain all the advantages of the GH2, while keeping or improving what it already does better. A list for perspective:

    GH2 (Hacked): -Better Resolution -Higher ISO values -More native lenses -External Mic Jack -Swivel out LCD

    NEX5N: -Better Low light Capability -Sensor has better crop factor -60p!( better Full HD slow motion potential) -Flatter Pictures Profiles

    ...and I sure I'm missing something for both, but it would be helpful if anyone could add anything else they know. I don't know which one has better AF/AF tracking for its lenses. Just thought that the Sony NEX 5N may, if hacked, have everything we have in the GH2, and more (of course with no mic jack). SOMEONE PLEASE HACK THE SONY NEX 5N, PLEASE!!!!

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  • @Jonesy91

    I am not so sure how much there is to gain from hacking it. It already heats up and has problems picture wise, which seem to not come as much from the codec as from the way it downsamples images (this is different to the gh2). I think then, that Nikon d5100 and d7000 seem much better prospects for potential increase in capability. (and progress is already underway)

    re: low light capability the gh2 is far better (cleaner), due to the hack. Upwards of 800 iso, massive problems start to arise on the 5n, particularly with certain hues.

    Obviously, these are just my two cents coming from my experience with both cameras. Don't get me wrong, 5n is pretty much bang for buck - but I don't think there would be too much room for improvement. A higher bitrate might not affect how the camera heats up though - so if that was the case then it could be worthwhile.

    But I anticipate that it's not so easy to hack the 5n..

  • I love the 5n, but i think is not a hackable camera, first Sony encryption, second the body is not too useful for filming, no hotshoe, no audio input, and tendency to overheat, don´t get me wrong I have one and I've done it five projects already.

    I love the 5n image, but i think the A77 or the Nex7 maybe are more suitable for a hack. The 5n has been selling very well so in many hands is in.

    My two cents.

  • This thing si really encrypted. Otherwise, according to Sony information it is running on Linux core.

  • I'd love to see a hack of the external mic, to add a 3.5mm jack so we can use a preamp with AGC defeat like a JuicedLink. That would be sweet!

  • Hello,

    Its strange - I saw many many many post of vitaliy where he states "firmware is encrypted" which means usually "very hard do with many thousands of dollars funding or its impossible".

    But the questions comes up too often. So, maybe we should put this to rest?

    Even the VG10 and VG20 didnt got any usefull update regarding video quality from Sony. Why should Sony make a old camera better if she can offer a new camera model for more money?

    cheers ak

  • I was about to post this. Now they need Vitaly on the case ;)

  • @kompu

    It is not so interesting.

    As this guy appeared on

    Also, as for now, whole proof consist from some video.

    Anyway, I hope that NEX hacking will begin and he'll change his position to more constructive one.

  • "Even the VG10 and VG20 didnt got any usefull update regarding video quality from Sony. Why should Sony make a old camera better if she can offer a new camera model for more money?"

    Love it when people make these assumptions when not even used one.

    Updates are always incremental no matter the brand name :-D

    As for the hack for 5n. As nice as it would be It would probably make the camera melt.

  • As nice as it would be It would probably make the camera melt.

    LOL. I don't think so, most heat comes from sensor, and main issue is wrong heat distribution design.

    Issue is that Sony architecture is very different, as they use dedicated encoder, not very flexible Panasonic approach.


    Someone (This is his name) can do it ... i think he need some help, maybe you can work all together, no ?

  • @WebHamster

    It looks like some progress is being made now that the encryption has been seen to on both series 1 and series 2 nex and alpha cameras. I thought it had gone a bit quiet, then suddenly quite a few people are talking positively.

  • Yep, few guys are working on all this, and good progress had been made.

  • @VK

    Is firmware of the NEX-7 similar or completely different than NEX-5?

  • @tetakpatak

    They have similar parts and different parts :-)

  • Well, i hope for a Clean HDMI output and maybe higher bitrate, just that ;)