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Monopolies rise on CMOS sensors market
  • Sony and Samsung currently lead the global market for CMOS image sensors, with the Japanese rival holding a slight edge.

    In 2016, Sony and Samsung took up 25.6 percent and 22.6 percent of the market, respectively, industry data showed.

    The two companies held 28.3 percent and 25.4 percent, respectively, last year. SK hynix Inc., Samsung's smaller South Korean rival, accounted for roughly 8 percent to 9 percent over the cited period.

    Industry watchers, however, claim Sony takes up 50 percent of the market in terms of sales, hovering far above Samsung's 20 percent.

    So, due already control almost 54% of all unit sales or >70% of sensors value. Very similar to NAND market.

    And here we also have cartel where one member to reach it even killed their own NX cameras division.