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Intell Cofee Lake S, 8 core CPU comes in Q3 2018
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    Present rumors are that Intel will drop single cores frequency (around 5-10%) and also will require you to buy new motherboard.

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  • Upcoming models

    • Core i9-9900K
      • 8 cores/16 threads
      • base frequency - 3.1Ghz
      • turbo expected to be around 4-4.5Ghz
      • 16Mb cache
      • 100-115W TDP
    • Core i7-9700K
      • 6 cores/12 threads
      • base frequency - 3.7Ghz
      • turbo expected to be around 4.5-4.7Ghz
      • 12Mb cache
      • 95W TDP
    • Core i7-9600K
      • 6 cores/6 threads
      • base frequency - 3.6Ghz
      • turbo expected to be around 4.3-4.4Ghz
      • 9Mb cache
      • 95W TDP
  • The i7-8700k is already 6 cores/12 threads with a base frequency of 3.7Ghz, 12M cache, a max turbo of 4.7ghz, and a 95W TDP. Seems like the 9700k is a total "don't bother" in terms of an upgrade.

    And the 9900K - a total increase of about 10.5% in total ghz (24.8 vs 22.2) with what looks like about 10-15% increase in TDP along with worse single-thread performance (3.1/4.5 vs 3.7/4.7) is completely unexciting.

    Intel is struggling. I can't imagine a lot of enthusiasts or gamers bothering to upgrade to these unless there's some other hidden upgrade (maybe the new chipset adds more i/o or something?)

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    Idea of 9900K is to have newer MB with better VRMs, so actual TDP will be around 200-250W. As no one will run it stock.

  • Lower cores models info


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  • Another list

    • Core i9-9900K, 8 cores/16 threads, 16MB cache, 95W TDP (very low!), price from 450 USD
    • Core i7-9700K, 6 cores/12 threads, 12 MB cache, 95W TDP, price from $350 USD
    • Core i5-9600K, 6 cores/6 threads, 3.7 GHz/4.5 GHz boost, 9MB cache, 95W, price from 250 USD
    • Core i5-9600, 6 cores/6 threads, 3.1 GHz/4.5 GHz boost, 9 MB cache, 65W TDP
    • Core i5-9500 , 6 cores/6 threads, 3.0 GHz/4.3 GHz boost, 9 MB cache, 65W TDP
    • Core i5-9400 , 6 cores/6 threads, 2.9 GHz/4.1 GHz boost, 9 MB cache, 65W TDP
    • Core i3-9100, 4 cores/4 threads, 3.7 GHz, 6MB cache, 65W TDP
    • Core i3-9000, 4 cores/4 threads, 3.7 GHz, 6MB cache, 65W TDP
  • Also it seems that Intel PR department is pushing info that some of 370 chipset motherboard will support 8 core CPU, actually no fact exist. All new support can affect 6 cores CPUs only.

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  • I hadn't noticed it in the graphic posted above (but it's there), but it looks like the i7 part is losing hyperthreading in favor of the more expensive i9 part. Hyperthreading isn't all that useful for most workloads, but it still seems like a strategy for Intel to push people to its more expensive/ higher profit margin parts.

  • Support by old 3xx series chipsets


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  • October 2018 release



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  • New leaked details, including proper thermal interface, finally.




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  • Some benchmarks for 9700K



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  • On the prices


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  • The new 9th Gen Intel Core processors memory controller is capable of supporting DDR4 16Gb die density DIMMs which will allow the processors to support a total system memory capacity of up to 128GB when populating both motherboard memory channels with 2 DIMMs per Channel (2DPC) using these DIMMs. As DDR4 16Gb die density DIMMs have only recently become available, we are now validating them, targeting an update in a few months’ time.

  • And it heats a lot (>90 degrees easy even with water cooling)


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  • Nice chart


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  • 9700K-9900K will be first processors where Intel will copy Apple approach making artificial shortage of supply.

    Intel marketing department will be tracking availability and correcting supply.

    9900K will be also last of Intel processors for mainstream desktop with more or less significant performance gain.

    Intel finally hit the wall at full speed. We'll see effects in slow motion quite soon.

    First already happened - Intel declared outsourcing some chipsets and processors to TSMC, this is required to have backup channel to release newer products later.

    Next effects will copy camera companies and already happening - you see sudden and unfounded prices hikes.

  • Intel will start to sell faulty CPU with disabled GPU block, usually due to defect, previously they went into cheap Xeon line and custom big corporations. Now due to extremely big margins it is simpler to dump them into consumer market.

    • Core i9-9900KF
    • Core i7-9700KF
    • Core i5-9600KF
    • Core i5-9400F

    It is expected that price will be same or lower by $3-5.

    Expect special media compain prizing such CPUs soon.

  • Yes, price is exactly same. Note that QuickSync is also not available with such processors, avoid them!

    We see new stage where company sells defective processors (as GPU takes up to 30% core and all such CPUs are from chips that had been dumped before) for price of normal ones.


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  • New F versions CPUs are also made cheaper with old bad thermal grease


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