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NEX-C3 announced
  • Again no Manual video controls...maybe next Nex 5 ...but I doubt it.
    Aperture,exposure,white balance have been replaced with background defocus,brightness & colour in case y'know people are too dim to understand DSLR terminology (yet Sony say its a bridge between compacts & Dslrs haha) yet smaller design (dont they realise once you slap a lens on it you lose all portability...all a smaller body does is lose practicality with detachable lens cameras)
    All I can really see is all theyve done is dumb things down more ,change the body to look less boxy (Sony think this is a upgrade)
    if people want a point and shoot they would probably just get a compact.
    Least many years ago when pentax released the auto 110 they had small lenses to go with it.
    Sorry for the rant but the way things are going with the camera (along with gf3) size war/dumbing down is stupid.
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  • It is not NEX-C3 that important, but rather feature packed firmware upgrade for year old cameras.
    If we'll see somthing similar form Panasonic it must be that second coming is near.
  • I think the economy is to blame for such cynical product releases.

    Between 2010-2011, Canon gave us the 550D twice more over the course of a year - 600D, 60D. In fact the 600D was the first time in the Rebel's history that the upgraded model had identical image quality to the last one (and essentially all the same features but for the new firmware gimmicks). Advancements to their high end compacts can be measured in nanometers. G12, S95 very slight improvements and not representative of 12 months of R&D.

    I am sure Canon and Sony have not shut down their R&D plants altogether but it is clear they are delaying the introduction of new technology so they can milk the existing stuff at higher profit margins every year.

    I think they're also finding it difficult to keep the mid-range under the higher end stuff because they have carved the lines up too much. That's why the 600D ended up being so similar to the 60D - because the 60D wasn't ambitious enough in the first place, they couldn't really improve the 600D so ended up releasing the 550D with simply a firmware update.

    Similar to what Sony have done with the C3 - a very expensive upgrade for 10 picture filters and a slightly better sensor.
  • Best thing to come from Nex is this manual focusing aid.
    I miss focusing screens wonder if something like that could be implemented.
  • I am sure that Panasonic can do this on GH2.
    Can we make it without docs and firmware source? No.
  • manual focusing aid is a very good feature. shame panasonic wont do it. maybe they could secretly give vitaliy firmware source... ;)
  • >secretly give vitaliy firmware source

    Hmm. I see few Lumix division managers hanging on the ropes in Panasonic hall for few month if this happens :-)
  • What da.... Nex supports peaking!!!!
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  • Vitaliy_Kiselev Честно говоря, это благодарность вам!