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Casio stopping producing cameras
  • Casio Computer has decided to withdraw from unprofitable compact digital camera market. The digital camera business unit posted a loss of 500 million yen in the fiscal year ended March 2017.

    Casio is also reviewing the business structure of the musical instruments.

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  • Somehow they lasted longer than Samsung

  • @pureaxis

    Samsung could be market leader for now, if not their secret agreement with Sony to gain their sensor tech for smartphones.

  • How long since Casio produced a descent camera. From memory, later last decade you could almost burst 8mp at cinema rate one of their cameras.

    If you can make better small cameras like the 4k+ 60fps running at over 200 mb/s with data rate turned up, for under $500, and under $400 for a 4k m43rds, and zcam can produce the $599 M4/3rds c1 cinema camera a few years ago, so can Casio do it better and cheaper.

  • Another article on it

    Casio Computer Co. said Wednesday it will stop making digital compact cameras due to vanishing demand because of the spread of smartphones equipped with high-definition cameras.

    The Japanese wristwatch maker unveiled the world's first digital camera with a liquid-crystal display in March 1995 and gained a reputation for its advanced technology.

    But in the past year through March, shipments of its "EXILIM" and other digital camera models fell 200,000 units below the company's sales target to 550,000, around a 10th of its peak sales in fiscal 2007.

  • It boggles the mind Casio was still able to sell over half a million cameras a year.