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Fujifilm X-T3, Coming at Photokina time
  • Early rumors for now

    • 26MP APS-C stacked sensor using latest Sony tech
    • 120 and 240fps modes for video
    • New LSI
    • Camera can have ProRes or PreRes RAW added, may be as paid option
    • IBIS is under question
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    697 x 455 - 35K
    706 x 251 - 39K
  • Latest updates

    • Announcement - one last week before Photokina 2018
    • 26MP X-Trans sensor, stacked
    • New advanced LSI
    • Touch screen
    • Main prototypes have no IBIS, but at least one prototype had IBIS
    • ProRes is still under consideration
    • Shipping in US at November