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Filmpower SHiNYO P3D LED Light
  • Specifications

    • Integrated design, ultra-thin & lightweight, Thickness 22mm
    • Full Aluminum Shell with excellent heat dissipation
    • Wireless control 256 lights’ data on a 1.5-inch touchscreen
    • Built-in Li-battery 10,000 mAh for 3-6 hours working time
    • Original double-light connection: Multiple lighting modes
    • Fabulous Appearance with Luminous buttons & the back OLED screen
    • A New networked smart lighting system—SHiNYO link (Watch & APP)
    • The latest light guide LED—more soft & uniform
    • Filmpower APP for all products of Nebula, SHiNYO, VONO, ORVi
    • Variable Color Temperature: 3300K-5600K
    • High Color Rendering Index (CRI): 96
    • LGP high lighting efficiency: 92%
    • APP memory function for different shooting scenes


    3x KIT also includes

    • 1x Backpack
    • 3x Light Stand
    • 3x Charger
    • 3x T-junction
    • 1x Smart Watch
    • 1x Andriod Cable
    600 x 358 - 32K