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Voking VK-WM220 Wireless Mike
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    Voking VK-WM220 Features

    • Dual channel UHF wireless receiving technology for using two transmitters simultaneously.
    • Double conversion DSP receiving processor for strong anti-mirror interference ability.
    • Professional circuit structure provides low cut function.
    • Dual independent output and MIX output optional.
    • Equipped with headphone output socket for real-time monitoring.
    • Both headphone and recording output volume can be adjusted independently, with memory function.
    • WNCR noise control technology can suppress environmental noise and wind noise.
    • Integrated high-performance audio compander provides a wide dynamic range.
    • Provides up to 100 wireless frequencies to set up multiple channels working at the same time.
    • Supports external power supply, so as to adapt to various occasions.
    • Rugged metal construction for excellent electrical characteristics and mechanical strength.

    Voking VK-WM220 Specifications:

    • Frequency range: 538-594 MHz
    • Modulation mode: FM
    • Frequcy response: 30 Hz-18 kHz
    • Microphone type: Condenser Omni
    • Channels: 100
    • Frequency control: PLL Synthesizer
    • Transmit power: ≤ 10 mW
    • S/N ratio: >90 dB
    • Power supply: DC 3V or 2pcs AA size batteries
    • Operating time: ≥ 10 hours
    • Operating range: 100 meters at outdoor open area
    • Operating temperature: 0-55 C
    • Store temperature 20-55C
    • Dimension: 896322 mm
    • Net weight: 120g
    800 x 489 - 45K