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GH5S VFR mode BUG!
  • On the GH5S In VFR mode (in HD) 60fps is pretty clean in all picture profiles when exposed ok. If you then lift to 62FPS or higher, suddenly there is extremely strong horizontal lines buzzing away in the shadows. This is viewable when you shoot on the LCD monitor as well as on the clip in playback. It is NOT a codec issue (ie not enough bit rate) the lines are like analog horitontal lines, and it is not a 'noise' issue, as its a very specific HORIZONTAL wiggling pattern which appears. This is in all picture profiles but obviously more noticeable in V-LOG. What's going on? Fixed pattern noise?

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  • It's also noticeable that there is a colour shift towards green and a darkening of the image as soon as you hit record at 62fps and higher, but this isn't present at 60fps or lower. The green shift reminds me of the GH1/2 days when you would hit record and the colour would change.

  • Nobby, is this problem the same outdoors? Banding could be a result of the artificial lighting. An outdoor test would be more consistent and rule that out.