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ProRes RAW and patent trolls from RED
  • ProRes RAW

    ProRes RAW is a new format from Apple that offers the quality and workflow advantages of RAW with the stunning performance of ProRes. With ProRes RAW, editors can import, edit and grade pristine footage with RAW data from the camera sensor, providing ultimate flexibility when adjusting highlights and shadows — ideal for HDR workflows. And with performance optimized for macOS, editors can play full-quality 4K ProRes RAW files on MacBook Pro and iMac systems in real time without rendering. ProRes RAW files are even smaller than ProRes 4444 files, allowing editors to make better use of storage while providing an excellent format for archiving.

    Final Cut Pro editors can work natively with ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ files created by Atomos recorders. The format will be available as a free update for owners of Atomos Sumo 19 and Shogun Inferno devices. The format will also be available as part of a forthcoming upgrade package to users of the DJI Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 Super 35mm camera system designed for aerial cinematography.

    Now let's go back to 2017

    RED, known for high-end cinema cameras used by James Cameron, Peter Jackson and others, has just formed a very unusual retail partnership. It's now offering the 4.5K, 120 fps RED Raven camera exclusively at for a mere $15,000.

    Nothing unusual?

    And now back to 2013, listen to Red patent trolls attacking Sony

    We are heavily invested in concepts, inventions, designs, development and manufacturing of RED cameras, REDRAY and the RED Projector. Each is unique and has motivated the industry to get better, for the benefit of all. We don't mind others joining the 4K revolution... quite the contrary, we embrace it. What we don't accept is others just borrowing our technology, intentionally or unintentionally. We admire invention and happily pay for and license great technology from other companies when it is useful to our program.

    We have created many jobs in the US leveraging our vision and technology and we will aggressively protect our employees. Every single job matters. It is a magic trick to build a camera in the US, especially at the highest level. This cannot be done if others are allowed to just take what we have done and use our work as their own.

    Our customers have invested in our technology. They need to be protected and their investment needs to be protected. We have an obligation to our customers so they will not have their investment diluted by a proliferation of the proprietary technology they invested in.

    Patents are here for a reason. They protect IP. Receiving a patent now means that you have an obligation to protect it... or they have absolutely no value whatsoever.

    Solution for many cameras is using Cinema DNG, effectively it is way to circumvent patents but at a cost of making much less effective everyday work.

    Back in 2017 Apple and RED made secret agreement (Atomos seems to also join on second stage), and I am sure that for now we saw only small part of it.

    Both Apple and RED want to gain good money from ProRes RAW licensing. And both will use combined lawyers power to not allow any fast free compressed raw formats.

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  • A fair overview of the current situation. This is a common approach, especially by big American companies, to essentially choke off competition. In this case there is a particular irony since Apple seems determined to eventually exit the professional media creation space. Just ask anyone in the pro video/movie business looking to upgrade their Mac OS hardware!

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  • Who is the bolshevist and who is menshevist here, Vitaly ? ;-)

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