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Zoom F8n
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    Do not see any mention or press release, only our team photo.

    800 x 571 - 67K
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  • We'll edit and publish interview slightly later.

    Still absolutely nothing on Zoom sites.

  • Oh wow! I'd heard the rumors this is coming. Was waiting for some proof.

    Apparently they've massively improved the headphone amp and are using look ahead limiters.

  • A Zoom rep is here in this video talking about the Zoom F8n, a "sneak peak":

    The recorder is still a few months away ("July"), and details are not yet concrete (price is looking to be twelve hundred dollars).

  • @IronFilm

    Yes, price is expected to be $1200.

    And your previous points are right.

  • Out interview

  • @IronFilm

    Nice, just not much new.

  • Was nice to see he says it is only a half millisecond delay, so practically speaking nobody will notice it. But will help further improve the existing hybrid limiters by adding another layer of clip protection.

    Wonder though if there is a possibility they are considering any more hardware improvements for the F8n other than what they've already decided upon. As the release is still a fair bit away later this year, so I imagine it might not be locked into concrete just yet.