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Edelkrone Motion BOX
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  • Interesting thing. May be someone will make same, but cheaper?

  • @Glenn7 It's not exactly the same, but it's a little bit cheaper and it's been out for a while. I have one and it works OK (though the power button is awful):

    The main benefit of the Edelkrone vs some of the competition seems to be that if you also have a SliderOne Pro, you can control both with the same app.

  • I ordered a kit with a couple of these back in late April/early May or so. I finally just got mine. Between these and the Slider One Pro, this could make a pretty great kit for day hiking and the like. They're pretty solid without being overly heavy. So far, I've done nothing more than take them out of the box and plug in chargers so it'll be a little while before I have a more solid idea of whether I like them.