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NiSi F3 Cinema Lenses
  • MTF Announce Full-Frame Lenses from Leading Glass Manufacturer NiSi



    • Nisi F3 25mm Full Frame lens T2.1
    • Nisi F3 35mm Full Frame lens T2.0
    • Nisi F3 50mm Full Frame lens T2.0
    • Nisi F3 75mm Full Frame lens T2.0
    • Nisi F3 100mm Full Frame lens T2.0


    • Covers Full-Frame Format
    • PL Mount/Canon EF Mount/Sony E Mount
    • T2.0-T22 Clickless Aperture Range
    • Ultra Low Dispersion
    • High Resolution
    • Retro Cinema Style
    • 12-Blade Iris
    • Same physical attributes across the lens line
    • Geared Focus and Iris Control Rings
    • Pure performance in film


    $999 per lens at

    It is with great pleasure that MTF Services, exclusive supplier of NiSi Cinema Filters, announce the arrival of the brand's new range of full-frame, prime lenses.

    MTF Service Announce F3 Lenses from NiSi

    Launching in 25mm T2.1, 35mm T2.0, 50mm T2.0, 75mm T2.0 and 100mm CF T2.0 formats, the new range of premium lenses will debut during NAB in Las Vegas between the 7th -12th April

    The lenses, which boast an original full-frame camera design, high resolution, extremely low dispersion and special flare performance, will be available from MTF Services shortly after the US event.

    Along with individual lenses, MTF will also be offering specially designed F3 kits, which will include a complete set of lenses, from 25-100mm, along with a NiSi 4x5.65 Allure Mist white 1/4 filter, a NiSi 4x5.65 Allure Mist Black 1/4 filter and a NiSi 4x5.65 Polarizer, all packaged in a tough hardshell case.

    609 x 798 - 57K
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  • Wonder how much they will run for. Should be cheaper than the a stop faster Sigmas, right?

  • Preorder

    $11,499 Set/$500 off if preordered before April 30.2018

    also sold as MAVO Primes

  • More photos and specs





    800 x 485 - 48K
    496 x 580 - 37K
    492 x 586 - 38K
    499 x 587 - 39K
    495 x 578 - 38K
    495 x 591 - 38K
    800 x 622 - 58K
  • I hope they release a 16mm S35 lens for people who might use these set primarily on a S35 sensor

  • Last part of our NAB interview have part about them under Mavo brand