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Canon 35mm FHDXS CMOS Sensor
    • Sensor size: 35mm film size (36.48mm x 20.52mm)
    • Number of effective pixels: 2000h x 1128v, Approx. 2.2MP
    • Filter types:
      • 35MMFHDXSC: RGB
      • 35MMFHDXSM: Monochrome
    • Pixel size: 19μm x 19μm
    • Progressive scan
    • Rolling shutter
    • Sensitivity:
      • 35MMFHDXSC (Green): 1,100,000e/lx/sec @gain x1
      • 35MMFHDXSM: 2,100,000e/lx/sec @gain x1
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  • Best for night time funny cat videos.

  • Give it to the ISS crew, spacewalks with starfields.