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List of cameras and phones with recordable uncompressed HDMI output, and hacks to do so?
  • I would like to throw open this thread for people to post any cameras (even phones that sometimes have HDMI support over USB) that can output the camera/phone view over HDMI before the compression stage, and any hacks to allow them to do so? This allows recording through a device like the Black Magic Video Assistant series for high quality recording.

    The sneaky thing which it appears that cameras often do, is give you the camera image as it appears afteral it has been downgraded and compressed. But there must still be some that give you the image before the compression engine, even in 4:2:2 with greater than 8 bits.

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  • Sony RX0: uncompressed 4K UHD 422 10bit through HDMI. Sony FS5: RAW 4K DCI 422 12bit through SDI. Sony A6500, A7sii: uncompressed 4K 422 8bit through HDMI.

  • @markr041:

    Sony RX0: uncompressed 4K UHD 422 10bit through HDMI

    Where do you have this from? I could neither find this on Sony's specs page for the camera, nor in any reviews. It also seems highly unlikely since the whole RX series is limited to 8bit signal processing.

  • Good reason to be skeptical. Here is the source: The HDMI out specs for all the other RX and A7 and A6 cameras are 422 8bit on Atomos' web site, which we know to be correct.

  • Does the GH5 count? It gives 10-bit 4:2:2 4K over HDMI at up to 60p.

    Also, the black magic micro studio camera does 10-bit 4:2:2 4K over HDMI at up to 30p. It doesn't even have internal recording IIRC - I just looked and this is surprisingly still $1300. Sheesh. For that price, you might as well just get a GH5.

  • The GH4 gives 10-bit 422 4K over HDMI at 30P, internally 8-bit 420.

  • Thanks guys. Sorry I've been missing. Rough day, they checking the cancer next week. Seems to be taking inopportune time to suck my energy.

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