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How to view ISO Metadata in GH2 AVCHD footage!?
  • Hi everyone,

    I was taking a few test shoots at night. I was wondering if I can afterwards view the ISO value I recorded each file at.

    Do you have any ideas? Does Adobe offer such a feature?

    Looking forward to you replies.

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  • I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before, and I recall that the answer is "no".

    When I do a shot (if such things are going to matter to me) then I will do a quick spoken ident at the beginning about what ISO, shutter, aperture, lens, film setting, etc - whatever's important to remember. At least it's always on the same file as the pictures, so you can't go far wrong with a spoken ident. You can talk quietly into the mic and it won't disturb anyone.

    If it's test footage, once in your computer you can listen to the ident then rename the mts file to something more meaningful, like 25mm_1f4_1-25_ISO400.mts which would tell you instantly it was a 25mm lens at f1.4 at 1/25sec at ISO400. You could modify this system to include the data that's important to you for each shot.

    If you like this system, maybe keep a small written note near your camera about what aspects you need to include in your spoken intro so that you have consistent information on each clip, like "lens-aperture-shutter-ISO" or whatever.

    Hope that helps at least for next time!
  • No such metadata is recorded for AVCHD, unless you record MPEG, in which a JPEG image of the first frame is also saved, complete with EXIF data.

    You could take a low-res still photo before switching to movie mode if you want to manually capture the data for AVCHD clips, though.
  • We use this it is excellent if you have an iOS device.
  • i think you can with this program...
  • @toxotis70 Interesting program - didn't work for me with GH2 AVCHD but got the aperture and shutter speed from my Canon HDV files.
  • You can also take a still frame during video for 720p and 1080i.
  • Great hints, thanks for help!
  • I use to take pictures of all settings with a smartphone-camera (set to mute!). But I couldn't find the option to grab a still frame simultaneously while recording video on my gh4 in order to get all the EXIF-Info at once. Any help on that? Thanks in advance!

  • @kolinko

    You can see all the exif data with GH4 videos using Exiftool-program.

  • @Vesku You're right, that's so good! I actually downloaded it yesterday but tried it only on still photographs I shot with the gh4.. Great tool.