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Field Monitors for GH5 that support the 4k 48fps DCI
  • Hey guys, long time no see.

    I was curious if anyone knew of any field monitors at 5" or 7" (beside ATOMOS) that support the GH5 outputting 4k DCI at 48FPS? I don't need an external recorder, just trying to make it a little easier in grabbing focus faster as I run around with a gimbal and manual lenses.


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  • Why do you need the monitor to support 4kp48? The SmallHD Focus or any other decent-resolution screen (ideally supporting peaking, punch in focus, and ideally display lut) should be sufficient. Does the GH5 need to output at the same resolution that it is recording? I guess I haven't tried plugging a screen into mine, but most cameras support outputting a different resolution than they are recording.

  • For my work I do a lot of slow motion. It's a lot of low budget commercial work, so multiple takes are pretty hard to come by. Shooting in slo mo helps prolong the moments that do work out. I'm unsure about the outputting while working in dci 48fps, I know that the gh5 has some outputting options but with the 48fps dci its unclear from memeory. I do know that the aputure vs-2 would display the image on the monitor until I started recording, then it would say signal lost.

  • If you remind me in a week or so, I can check what the SmallHD does in that setup. I'm about 3,000 miles away from my GH5 right now. :)

  • That sounds terrible (3k miles from gh5) I'll try to remind you as I keep digging.

    For some anecdotes for whoever cares. The aputure vs2 does not support dci 4k, but will sometimes display the image if running 24fps but not while recording and not in playback. It will not display for vfr Uhd 4k, the monitor will display vfr image before and during recording and in playback. It will also allow zoom to check focus. So I'm curious if monitors like the smallhd focus, And ikan dh5e since they support dci 4k 24hz, if they will display 48fps and allow zoom to check focus?

  • I'm still a little confused why the external screen needs to support dci 4k at 48fps - I just double-checked the GH5 manual ( and it specifically mentions that you can set the camera to downscale HDMI output (potentially at the cost of some autofocus speed). It doesn't mention on any of the matrices what C4Kp48 does, but at least C4Kp24 can downscale to 1080p24. So it seems like if your monitor can support 1080p48, it should work.

    Anyway, like I said, I can confirm it next week.

  • Just from looking at specifications it seems like manufacturers are going out of their way to mention whether or not the monitors can handle the frame rate. You'll see some companies mention their monitor can do UHD and DCI at 24, and 30, but not 60 or 48. Then you look at the specs for the 1080p and it will mention 60p, but no one mentions 48fps. I tried using the gh5 downscale for the 48fps it will keep the monitor ON while recording, but then during playback it shuts off and says "invalid format" so it can't display a 4k dci maybe any monitor with 4k dci 24hz should work... hopefully lol

  • @thpluto I havet he cable I needed now and I was going to set this up to take a look, but none of the C4k modes on my camera have a VFR option to take them to 48p. The only mode that I have which I can use to get 4k at 48fps is UHD 8-bit 24p. When I turn on that mode, the output to both my SmallHD focus and my PIX-E5 seems to work just fine whether or not I am recording.

    The PIX-E5 displays the type of input that it is getting and it identifies it as a 10-bit UHD at 24fps.

    If you have some steps that I can follow to set my camera to 48p C4k, I'd be glad to repeat the test.

  • @eatstoomuchjam DCI 4k should be unlocked when the camera is in 24hz or NTSC 59.94hz

    To do this, enter the menu of your gh5, scroll down to the wrench icon (the one without the "c" next to it) Go to page 3 Select "System Frequency" You will have to turn the camera off and back on for the new setting to lock in. and change it to either 59.94hz or 24.00hz, you should now have DCI 4k as an option.

    Thanks for the update

  • @thpluto I just looked - I have no VFR options in any C4K mode when the camera is set to 59.94hz which is where it was before. However, the C4k 8-bit 24p does have VFR available when the camera is set to 24hz. I set it to that and set VFR to 48fps. My SmallHD screen kept displaying a picture, whether the camera was idle or recording (and with screen overlays enabled and disabled). My PIX-E5 also continued displaying a picture and identified the input type as 4096p24 at 10 bits. Maybe you have some other setting enabled/disabled that is messing up your external screen when recording?