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GH 5 as a stills camera
  • Hi,

    in case you ever wondered, how good a GH5 is as a stills camera, here a flickr album with pictures from South-Africa. Mostly taken with the Panleica 12-60 and the 10-400

    I am not a professional photographer but an interested amateur. Any comments and constructive criticism is welcome

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  • Congratulations!!!

    for what you seek seems to be just in front.

    keep on the good work

  • Good shoots !

    GH5 is a good stills camera, GH2 was unusable for pro work but since GH4 I can use my shoots for my clients. For me 1600 iso is the limit after what you loose to much dynamic range, working with a fast lens solve most of my needs (Sigma f1.8 + Metabone is a good way to go).