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What Kind of Quick Release Plate do I Need for a Stabilizer?
  • Hi, I have this old glidecam (probably 25 years old) that someone gave me and I need to get some sort of quickrelease plate system for it but I have no idea on what kind of quick release plate kit I would need. Here is a photo of it.

    There are all kinds of various quick release plates on ebay but some seem to be only half of a kit, different sizes, too big, too small, etc.

    If you look at the photo, the sliding plate at the top of the glidecam only has a few centimeters of space between the base plate, so the bottom part has to be thin enough to fit inside the 2 plate areas but I have no idea how to differentiate between something that will work and something that won't and I don't have money to experiment buying various ones, I would like to get one that will work the first time.

    If anyone can help me please check out ebay or elsewhere and send me a few links of plate kits (both the piece that will be permanent attaching from underneath the top plate of the stabilizer, and the piece that will then attach onto that first piece, then the 3rd piece or second piece that is permanently screwed into the camera that has some sort of switch function that would be easy to get to under a GH1 so that the camera can be easily attached and removed to the first or second piece without anything needing to be retightened after balancing every time you want to take off, put back on, take off, put back on.

    Thanks very much.
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  • Thanks Vitaliy!