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Zhiyun Motion Sensor Remote
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  • Nifty! Seen this on some higher priced gimbals, but not on cheaper gear. Be very curious to hear more about the follow focus in operation.

    EditL ah ha, more info in coming in this thread:

    Be handy to have them linked together for reference like I've now done :)

  • Is this only for use on Crane 2. I realize the follow focus is Crane 2 specific but what about regular crane functions? I'd prefer to buy this for my crane v2 if it works.

  • @scot In the video he says it doesnt work with his Crane. Only Crane 2

  • Was looking for budget wireless follow focus and found version of this controller that comes with the wireless servomotor to operate focus of manual lenses or on cameras that don't support electronic focus. I asked aliexpress seller if this version is able to work as wireless follow focus on other setups - other gimbals etc. He answered that he didn't test it that way but the only problem should be to power the servo. Decided not to buy it only due to short operating range.