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DIY stuff.....How to make a matte box and Dead cat....easy and professional looking.
  • Ok, I made a quick tutorial on how to make a Matte Box that looks semi-professional. I know alot of you like to buy the high dollar items but for those who dont mind building one for about $ 2 dollars here is a good option and no this isnt using some sort of plastic bottle. Also included a tutorial i did for the dead cat which is the easiest ive seen on the internet and the best looking ..IMHO.

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  • Great diy! I just have to add that this isn't a dead cat, its a dead teddybear. :)
  • Lol...very true ..
  • You should replace the battery for your smoke detector LOL! Thanks for the tip anyhow! Cheers! Also you need a FF for this. Otherwise it's impossible to focus. ;)

    p.s. It was really hard to concentrate with the beeps, it was driving me insane. My cat freaked out every time it went off.

  • lol ! The teddybear DIY is quite good, but I'm afraid whether it would be helpful in reducing the wind noise at all - and do not block other frequencies.

    Nevertheless, funny :)

  • Awesome. What kind of stabilizer are you using?

  • Lol..hilarious ..your Im going to put a new battery in my smoke detector..:) The dead cat i made works great and their is no interference in sound whatsoever. I had already tried a few of the DIY on youtube which all required first adding a layer of foam and a whole host of other things. This simply goes over the foam on the rode mic . Ive used it outside and it worked beautifully. Ive actually used it in doors and found no difference in sound quality. When you take the arm off any teddy bear youll notice that the fabric is very thin and pourous and doesnt reduce the reception of the mic itself at all.

  • My stabalizer i made my self . Tent poles from Academy $8 dlls. Plug wire clamps from ebay $14 dlls and handle from ebay $8 dlls. Its a solid stabalizer that i use a whole lot. I use it more than my larger rig i have. The Follow focus i made out of legos that i built using my buddies lego follow focus as a template. It took me a couple of months just to get all the pieces i needed off of ebay.

    Ive just added neoprene to the rig and it looks great. here are some pics. Ive setup the rig with a little battery holder on bottom also.

    Im posting pics of my blue rig . I have the 5 hour battery pack . Im sure we are all aware of the tutorial on Vimeo about the DIY battery pack . I added it and i simply dont worry about batteries anymore when im doing a wedding and reception with this rig.

    5184 x 3456 - 2M
    5184 x 3456 - 1M
    3456 x 5184 - 1M
  • @wedphoto Could you post the link to the battery pack? I don´t find it..

  • Here you go custom batterey pack like a dream!