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YI Discovery 4K for $50
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    Remember about coupon link in description.

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  • Nice!

    It should be made clear, of course, that this camera can only do 4Kp20, not 24/30... but I ordered one anyway since it should still be really decent 2.7kp30 and/or 1080p60 (and if the bitrates are crippled for them, it seems a safe bet that it can be hacked similar to the 4k/4k+).

  • Yep, it is still better than most Chinese action cameras.

  • I still don't understand why the Yi Lite is more expensive

  • @jazzroy

    Price forming on action cameras is fuzzy. As all of them still have very healthy margins :-)

  • It should be made clear, of course, that this camera can only do 4Kp20, not 24/30...

    Damn, only 4 frames off!

  • The question/answer area is confusing. People are saying it can do 4k/30. It's hard to tell if this section is for all selectable products on the page, or for the currently selected product.

  • Yeah, the Q&A section on amazon is confusing, but the youtube reviews and other online reviews/product pages are unambiguous. 20 fps in 4k. I can verify that in just over 2 weeks when I get home (I'm abroad right now).

  • Maybe I missed it but it's showing as 59$ for me. At 45$ It'd probably be useful as another 1080p action cam to have for versatility. Also for fake time lapse purposes (sped up video) at 4K frame rate wouldn't really matter.

  • @Firworks

    It was Gold Box deal, short.

  • It's a Yi camera so just wait a few days and it will probably go on sale again.

    I'm back from abroad so I finally was able to get to my Discovery 4k. Observations so far (I haven't shot anything with it yet)

    • Smaller battery than the 4k+
    • Lack of distortion correction which means fisheye effect is a lot more pronounced than the 4k+
    • Confirmed that max supported frame rates are 4kp20, 2.7kp30, 1080p60
    • As Firworks mentioned, I think that it will be totally usable for 4k time lapse since fps is more of a suggestion than a rule for them and it should be possible to reinterpret the footage in the editor
  • The Yi Discovery is on a Amazon Lightning Deal right now for 44$ and has an additional 9$ off coupon you can hit the check box for on the page. 35$! It was on sale a few days ago as well this same way and mine arrived last night.


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