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Deal : MAGIX Sound Editors, Samplitude X2, Sound Forge from $1
  • Similar to Vegas deal from couple of week back but this time it's audio software:

    You get

    For $1

    • MP3 Deluxe 19
    • Music Maker EDM Edition
    • Soundpool: Deeper Shades of House

    For average of $16.60 you additionally get

    • MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab
    • ACID Music Studio 10
    • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 10

    For $20 you additionally get

    • ACID Pro 7

    And for $30 you additionally get

    • Samplitude Pro X2 Silver
    • SOUND FORGE Pro 11

    I wonder if Sound Force this will be upgradable to soon to be released version 12 as external plugins are not included (iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite )

    1022 x 242 - 43K
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  • Once you add it to your account, Magix will email you upgrade deals on a continual basis, most-likely.
    I wonder if the ACID pro 7 will qualify for a free upgrade to ACID Pro 8.