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Video Edit Desktop - Intel i7-6700/16GB/1TB/GTX 1070/W10 for $919
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  • An 8700k is a much better investment today.

  • @cls105

    I think you checked prices for ram and 1070 quite long ago. :-)

  • I dont know, I'd rather get a 8700k: $340 today on newegg

    you can find a z370 motherboard for $120

    32gb ddr4 (not 16gb like this link): $335 F4-2400C15D-32GVR on newegg right now

    Get the cheapest gpu possible (im editing a tv series now with a 1050 ti)

    But at least you'll be rendering and exporting 50% faster for the life of your computer. 50% more cores is a huge difference in the video world.

    In my observations GPU's don't help much with video editing (my other computer has a 1080ti), yet I'm often above 95% on all cores.

    I would not spend $920 on a 4 core non K cpu today. Spend a little more and get way more performance.

  • @cls105

    You problem can be with your NLE or wrong settings.

    If, as with most people your source is H,264 it is not CPU force that do decoding, it is QS block.

    Most people export H.264 and not in very low bitrate, so it means it is not CPU at all, it is QS or NVENC.

    From standard simple filters in good NLE it is 80% going to GPU.

    For example, Davinci is specially made such in free version to require hardware spending and cut you from most of acceleration (since 14 version).

    As for 1070, in case if you do not use Davinci that eats GPU memory as hell, it is mostly for this tool - , amazing thing made for real life

  • Never heard of fastcdng before, thanks for the suggestion. Should be helpful for my personal projects.

  • I am using premiere pro 2018 with a 1050ti on win10/8700k cpu. I am curious if your response and suggestions would be the same knowing my exact setup now. I can't seem to find out weather im using QS or NVENC in this particular configuration which I think is what most windows editors edit on (Premiere Pro on Intel w/ Nvidia gpu)

  • Same config here.