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Marantz PMD-750 Digital Wireless
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    Has a low low price of US$399

    2.4 GHz Digital Transmitter (like RodeLink, no need to worry about what frequencies are legal)

    All info on the top, which is nice. But perhaps my favorite feature: "Receiver Can Pair to Two Transmitters". Handy!

    Annoyingly the input is a 4 pin XLR, which doesn't match up with any transmitters I own currently.

    Unfortunately it is not shipping yet, and there are no reviews of it online, but it looks like a product to keep an eye on!

    711 x 551 - 34K
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  • But what happened with Maranz marketing department?

    Being asleep for last years.

  • I was just returning to share that video! But see you beat me to it ;-)

    A little disappointed to see the video, as it shows the transmitters are quite bulky. Maybe even almost as big as RodeLinks! (of which their bulk are my number one hate for them)

    But what happened with Marantz marketing department?

    Indeed... wtf?! A quick google search couldn't even turn up a press release for this new product!!! Seriously, they can't even do that??? Shocking, and appalling.

    Being asleep for last years.

    They went through some ownership changes. Maybe that explains it, as perhaps they had those as a distractions.