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50-135mm T2.9 MKX Fujifilm Cine Zoom
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    • 22 elements, 17 groups (including 2 Super ED and 2 ED glass elements)
    • Image angle - 31.8 ° -12.1°
    • T number - T2.9
    • Largest aperture - F2.8
    • Smallest aperture - F22
    • 9 aperture blades, circular opening
    • Smoothly adjustable iris
    • Min focus - 1.2m, 0,85m in macro mode
    • Front diameter - 85 mm
    • Filters - Ø 82 mm
    • 87 mm × 206.6 mm
    • 1.080 g
    • 4.299,- Euro
    • Available in June 2018
    800 x 575 - 42K
    800 x 570 - 53K
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  • PR (translation)

    FUJIFILM will expand the range of lenses on the X Series in May with two MKX interchangeable lenses. The FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and the FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 are the first manual Cinema lenses specifically designed for use with FUJIFILM's mirrorless system cameras. They cover the most commonly used focal length range for film productions, from 18mm to 135mm. The continuous aperture of T2.9 allows a shallow depth of field and a beautiful bokeh effect. In addition, for the first time, dedicated cine lenses can be used directly in combination with FUJIFILM's color simulations.

    Both lenses combine the high imaging performance of FUJINON lenses with a comfortable operating concept tailored to professional filmmakers. Combined with the unrivaled color reproduction of the X Series cameras, the new MKX lenses for professional filmmakers are an excellent way to realize demanding projects with handy and inexpensive equipment.

    FUJIFILM has developed the Cine lenses of its MK series against the background of the rapidly growing demand for videos and films on the Internet, which are produced on a relatively small budget and exclusively using compact system cameras.

    Since conventional cinema optics are usually large and heavy and expensive to manufacture and purchase compared to photo lenses, FUJIFILM created an equivalent alternative with the MK series. This offers the high image quality and easy handling of classic Cine lenses, but has an overall more compact and lighter design.

    The new MKX lenses are based on the same concept as the first MK lenses that FUJIFILM launched in spring 2017 for the E-Mount. However, they do have the electronic contacts for communicating with the camera, matching the X Series, so that optical aberrations such as distortion * 3 and fringing are automatically corrected can.

    The FUJINON Cine lenses marketed by FUJIFILM received the 69th Engineering Emmy® Award in 2017. Because of their pioneering technology, they are used worldwide today and have proven themselves in countless film and TV productions. When designing the new MK series, the engineers were therefore able to benefit from extensive know-how and many years of expertise in the development and production of high-precision cine lenses.

    Outstanding picture quality and compact, lightweight design

    The optical design of the MKX lenses consists of 23 glass elements in 17 groups, including the MKX18-55mm six Super ED and white ED lenses and the MKX50-135mm two Super ED and two ED lenses. This design guarantees high imaging performance over the entire image area, regardless of the focal length selected. Nevertheless, the MKX lenses are exceptionally compact and lightweight for cine lenses, thanks to the low support of the X-mount. Filmmakers and videographers gain in flexibility and can achieve outstanding results even without a larger team.

    Both lenses have a continuous aperture of T2.9, which allows for a shallow depth of field and the associated bokeh effect. At the same time, the high light intensity minimizes the need to adjust the scene lighting, which saves time during recording.

    Optomechanical design ideal for video recording

    The MKX lenses have an opto-mechanical design that is designed entirely for manual operation. As a result, minimal latency times, which are unavoidable in electronic focus systems, can be avoided and a very uniform and harmonious camera operation can be achieved.

    In addition, the front focus group and the zoom group are controlled independently of each other, which prevents so-called focus breathing in zooming; The focus must therefore not be tracked when changing the focal length.

    Since the inner focus is realized via a lens group in the front area of ​​the lens, "Lens Breathing" is prevented during the focus; Accordingly, the angle of view during focusing remains unchanged. In addition, MKX lenses incorporate a technology already familiar from FUJINON's classic cine lenses, which prevents the optical axis from shifting when zoomed.

    Comfortable handling

    The MKX lenses are designed to be intuitive and comfortable to use when shooting video, as well as perfectly fitting into the film workflow. They have three manual focus, zoom and iris dials, each with a sprocket and 0.8mm pitch gear pitch. Thus, the new lenses, as well as the classic FUJINON Cine lenses, are compatible with standardized third-party video accessories, such as a follow-focus system, which facilitates a particularly even and precise focus.

    The focus ring has a rotation angle of 200 degrees, which means that it can be precisely focused even at shallow depths of field. The iris can be infinitely adjusted, which allows a very precise exposure control and prevents possible vibrations and annoying clicking noise.

    Standardized design

    The lenses are slightly different in appearance. In terms of dimensions they are even identical: both have a front diameter of 85 mm and a filter thread of 82 mm, so that only one sun visor and a filter size is needed. The three setting rings with sprockets are positioned exactly the same for both lenses so that the accessories do not have to be realigned after a lens change. Both lenses have a macro function that works in wide-angle position

    Close-ups with shooting distances of 0.38 meters (MKX18-55mm) or 0.85 meters (MKX50-135mm) can be realized.

    When using different cameras, the support dimension can be adjusted by means of an adjustment function in order to be able to use the full optical power of the objectives at all times.

  • Heh, I thought they were meant to ship the X mount ones late last year, not this year

  • @IronFIlm

    X Mount versions of the MK lenses (with focal lengths of 18-55mm and 50-135mm) used in the FUJIFILM X Series line of digital cameras (with APS-C sensors) are being developed for launch by the end of this year. Information about the X Mount lenses will be provided as soon as more details are confirmed.


  • UR PR

    Valhalla, N.Y., February 15, 2018 -- FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the launch of FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 cinema lenses for X Mount, new additions to the X Series line of interchangeable lenses.

    Available in June 2018, these cinema lenses offer a lightweight and compact design with the same optical performance and operability as larger cinema lenses in their class. They cover 18-135mm--the most frequently used focal length in video production--and achieve a constant T2.9 aperture across the entire zoom range, enabling a shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh effect. With an enhanced optical and mechanical design, the MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm suppress focus shifts while zooming and reduce lens breathing, ensuring continuous sharp output. In line with the optical performance of the XF16-55mm and XF50-140mmlenses, these new MKX lenses offer a range of features that enable ease-of-use for capture in a wide array of shooting situations.

    "The growth of video production has created a large demand among videographers and cinematographers for compact and easy-to-use lenses," said Yuji Igarashi, General Manager of the Electronic Imaging Division & Optical Devices Division at FUJIFILM North America Corporation. "In keeping with our commitment to deliver innovative products and solutions, Fujifilm has recognized this need and has introduced the MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm lenses, offering a lightweight design and affordable price point, while delivering great optical performance and operability as other professional cinema lenses."

    Advanced Optical Performance in a Compact, Lightweight Lens Barrel

    The MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm are lightweight and compact; achieving advanced optical performance utilizing the short flange focal distance of X Mount. This feature reduces the number of people needed for the shooting process, ideal for small budget productions.

    In addition, the lenses offer advanced optical performance across the entire zoom range. Achieving T2.9 aperture, they facilitate the bokeh effect with shallow depth-of-field eliminating the need to readjust lighting. Combined, these features not only lead to beautiful videos, but also shorten shooting time, making the MKX lenses a very economical choice for movie production. Further adding to its superior output, contact with an X Series camera corrects distortion, color, brightness and achieves Fujifilm's various Film Simulation modes.

    Featuring an Optical and Mechanical Design Ideal for Video Shooting

    The optical and mechanical approach employed in these new MKX lenses allows for elimination of time lag that is usually experienced with electrical control systems. Manufacturing technology developed for conventional FUJINON cinema lenses was applied to control the optical axis shift while zooming. The front inner-focusing system controls lens breathing, allowing for smooth focus over an entire scene. Additionally, when zooming, focus shift is suppressed by independently driving the front focusing group and zooming group of lens elements away from each other.

    Comfortable Operability Provided Through Dedicated Cinema Lenses

    The MKX 18-55mm and MKX 50-135mm feature three fully manual rings for independent adjustment of focus, zoom and aperture, allowing for intuitive operation. The focus ring offers a rotation of a full 200 degrees to facilitate precise focusing even when shooting with a shallow depth-of-field where a high degree of precision is required. Further, all operation rings have a gear pitch of 0.8 m, allowing the use of all standard third party accessories for video production. With an iris that supports seamless adjustment, precise and silent exposure is achieved while preventing camera shake caused by clicking, making these lenses perfect for a wide array of shooting situations.

    Standardized Design for Ease of Operation

    Adding to their high quality video production, these MKX lenses are designed for ease-of-use. The gears for all three rings are positioned in the same place eliminating the need to re-position accessories when switching lenses. Only one matte box with an 85mm front diameter and one filter size with a filter thread of 82mm are needed between the two lenses. Equipped with a macro function that allows shooting close-ups to broaden the range of scenes that can be covered with one lens, optimum performance is achieved.

    FUJINON MKX 18-55mm T2.9 Key Features

    • Compatible with all FUJIFILM X Series interchangeable system cameras
    • Compact, lightweight lens weighing just 1,080g with external dimensions (maximum diameter x length) of 87mm x 206.6mm
    • Comprised of 22 glass elements in 17 groups with 6 super extra low dispersion lens elements and 2 extra low dispersion lens elements
    • Achieves maximum aperture of F2.8 and minimum aperture of F22 for close-up shots
    • Focus range of 0.85m/2ft 9" with wide macro function and 0.38m/1ft 2.9" at wide end and angle of view at 76.5° - 29.0°

    FUJINON MKX 50-135mm T2.9 Key Features

    • Compatible with all FUJIFILM X Series interchangeable system cameras
    • Compact, lightweight lens weighing just 1,080g with external dimensions (maximum diameter x length) of 87mm x 206.6mm
    • Comprised of 22 glass elements in 17 groups with 2 extra low dispersion lens elements and 2 super extra low dispersion lens elements
    • Achieves maximum aperture of F2.8 and minimum aperture of F22 for close-up shots
    • Focus range of 1.2 m/3 ft. 11" with wide macro function and 0.85 m/2 ft. 9" at wide end and angle of view at 31.7° - 12.0°

    Accessories Included in Both Lenses

    • Tripod collar foot
    • Support foot
    • Zoom lever
    • Lens cap
    • Lens rear cap
    • Lens hood
    • Wrapping cloth

    Availability and Pricing

    The FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and cinema lens will be available in Spring/Summer 2018 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $3,999.95.

    The FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 cinema lens will also be available in Spring/Summer 2018 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $4,299.95.

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    800 x 602 - 61K
  • You just have to love it that the target audience is a "lightweight" lens for "low budget" production, and the lens weighs a kilogram and costs 4 large. Euro large.

  • One thing that I know is that such lenses in other mount they introduced early sell very good. So price is right.

  • You just have to love it that the target audience is a "lightweight" lens for "low budget" production, and the lens weighs a kilogram and costs 4 large. Euro large.

    Look around at their competitors for cine zoom lenses of this range and speed.

    It is very affordable and lightweight indeed! I want. Would love this on my Sony PMW-F3 together with its sister lens.

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