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Story of an Outdoor Photographer (Sony A6500 documentary)
  • “Anyone can photograph nature”, a fashion photographer once said. “You just have to wait for the right light!” I disagree. In my opinion, there's more to that than meets the eye. This is the story of Latvian outdoor lifestyle photographer Filips Baumanis.

    This is me attempting story-driven filmmaking for the first time, as previously I've mostly done landscape and travel content (a seen on Shot on the trusty Sony A6500 and Phantom 4 Pro for aerials. Did all the shooting, editing, grading and sound design myself.

    Comments? Feedback? Fire away!

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  • Good frames and mood, camera movement, grading. Good product. But i hate all that beautiful hipsters stories, all that guys with beards who looks like lumberjacks, who looks like they realy are more then just hipsters, like cool guys, like Hemingways. They are nothing but accessories kits, and your heroes bonfire is just accesory, same as his car, camera, beard, checkered shirt. Your story has a good shape, but it is fake story. Sorry.

  • Thank you for your comment! I'm here only for the filmmaking part and this being a documentary (we haven't even met before the shoot), I'm not able to judge the person. My task was to visually portray his story (which he also wrote himself), the content of which is up to the audience to like or dislike. On a general side-note: I too think that outdoors have become a bit too stylized these days and have little to do with real hardcore adventures that are mostly quite ugly, but then again for many this is a new business model (Instagram and all that) and should be not taken too seriously in case you're comparing it to the real Hemingways.

  • Filmmaking part is very good! You choose right time of the day, great location and you now how to take good frames. Professional work. Try to find true and interesting story for your skill. There are too many fake stories today.

  • Your video looks very nice.

    You should let him know that if he transported that wood for any distance, he may have been bringing invasive pests and diseases with him which will make the forest sick.

  • First time I've heard about this. Is this a US-only thing or applies worldwide? Anyway - thanks for pointing out!

  • It applies worldwide as far as I know.