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Lack of HDMI signal for external monitor during recording on A6300
  • Probably a known problem and I was wondering if someone hacked this already. When connected to external monitor and recording 4K, the LCD screen is black. Is there a solution to this? a6300 hdmi Any monitor Thanks in advance

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  • No and no one will.

    Get another camera.

  • Heh, I just realised the a6500 has this problem too

    Get a Panasonic G80/G85 instead ;-)

  • @mmuggia @IronFilm
    Turn on "Dual Record" there are youtube videos on it, including Caleb Pike's work-around for getting a headphone jack from "any camera" including the A63/6500.

    You will lose face detect auto focus when you turn [Dual Rec] on, IME on the A6500 and it's not mentioned much. If that's a deal-breaker then take VK's advice. Here it is for everyone's reference:

    See comment: image

    And this Youtuber goes into a lot of detail about external monitors...

    Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.20.05 PM.png
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