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  • Still shooting with the Sony FS700 and editing with Final Cut Pro X now. Colour grading in program isn't as smooth compared to Magic Bullet Looks.

    Does anyone use Final Cut Pro X and have particular colour grading workflows?

    Any critique / comments are welcome. All the best!

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  • I think that looks pretty good for Fs700 color! I traditionally have used Color Finale, though the new built in tools are hard to beat in FCPX. If you want to go stylized, ala Magic Bullet, bunch of luts out there.

  • Agreed with Magic Bullet, used to use it for everything. Will look into Finale, thanks heaps. And thanks for your time!

  • Are you using an external recorder?

  • No. It's straight to card. I've exercised pros and cons with straight to card and Odyssey. And in terms of data storage, workflow and ease of handheld, have decided shooting to card suits in 90% of the applications and gives me an image (im personnally) happy enough with.


  • Latest: shot on A6300, big difference in cameras. And colour grading straight out of Final Cut Pro X