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Capitalism: Wafers prices to rise following GPU, NAND, RAM and MOSFET
  • This thing becoming like falling dominoes.

    International semiconductor wafer prices, due to tight supply and strong demand, are expected to increase 20% in 2018 from the level at year-end 2017, according Doris Hsu, chairwoman of GlobalWafers.

    The 12-inch segment will see the worst shortages, Hsu said. GlobalWafers has received orders occupying all its capacity through 2018 and its 16 plants worldwide will have to run 365 days in the year, she noted, adding it will increase capacity mainly for 12- and 8-inch wafers by about 7% through removing manufacturing bottlenecks in May-July 2018.

    It seems like system starting to collapse slowly as all investments went to heating by bitcoin mining

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  • Yes, definitely computer parts market went out of balance.

  • Industry sources said that as the world's top-5 silicon wafer suppliers - Shin-Etsu Handotai, Sumco, GlobalWafers, Silitronic, and LG Siltron - have no major capacity expansion plans, silicon wafer prices will surely keep surging at least in the next five years along with the sharply growing demand from automotive electronics, IoT, AI, cryptocurrency mining and memory applications since the fourth quarter of 2016.

    Foundry firms are expected to hike fabrication quotes to reflect the increased wafer costs. But Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said in early 2018 that it would not pass the increased costs onto customers although its gross margin rate may fall by 0.5pp to 1pp for the year.

    Invincible market hand seems to be on rest lately.