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GH2 Run´n´Gun, reduced to the max Setups
  • Hello,
    i am absolute new here, my first post, so hello and happy new year.
    Really appreciate the work Vitaly did, this was the reason for deciding for the GH2.
    I am normally no quick poster, i patently search the forums for my needed infos.
    Read a lot and found a lot for the GH2, Cam is on order as some other parts.

    I aim for a light and prtable Run´n`Gun Setup with the GH2 (of course with the beatifull Hack i will for sure will donate)

    On order are:
    -GH2 with 14-140 (ok not the best in lowlight but good for "quick" work i guess)
    -20mm Panasonic and 14mm Panasonic (good price/value ratio)
    will aim for something more wide too,may the 12mm, or 9-18mm Oly,but later, when the x series is out.

    Cheap small Rig
    - /260915832474?_trksid=p4340.m185& _trkparms=algo%3DDLSL%252BSIC.NPJS%26its%3DI%26itu%3DUCI%252BUA%26otn%3D10%26pmod%3D260872970162%252B260872970162%26po%3D%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5291128584711970553

    -Juiced Link DS214

    - Rode Videomic Pro

    As i said i aim for a small and light Setup.
    As been a Soundguy for TV for several Years i am very aware of all this higher priced equipment and also own some good audio gear.
    I decided for this light Rode Video Pro and unballanced Mixer cause i dont really see a need for more (XLP and ballanced), even as beeing a Soundguy who owns, Wendt Mixer, NTG3, NTG1, modded Oktavas,ME80, several Lavs, Sennheiser GH2 and many higher regarded stuff i had to work with.
    From my work, i did for several years, i know also a lot the 416, Shoeps, Neuman and other stuff, also very well SQN and Sound Devices Mixers. Lectros, Audio,AT wireless n stuff.

    I know the NTG1 well (own it), not bad, not as precise as the NTG3 (which is on par with 416 yep) but usable for a lot of stuff but a bit low on output.

    As i far i saw and read, the Videomic is not very far from the NTG1 in sound quality, it seems they share some characteristics.
    The Videomic Pro is also small and light, which i prefer on my new setup, so it was a easy dicission.

    i decided for the DS214 instead of 454, cause i dont see a need for XLR and P48 (even if my whole mic collection needs it).
    It als weight and will drain batts in the mixer faster then you really need for a good sound.
    The 454 is a bit too heavy in my eyes for the GH2, for some seroius audio i plan to take my Sennheiser G2 wireless on the second channel, the Videomic Pro is more a atmo mic.
    I dont see a the reason for a better mic in this position, if sound should be good, get it close to your object and aim right, something you mostly dont can do mounted on a DSLR rig, so i simply dont want to carry the weight.

    I plan do to a wireless boom mike config too, wtih the Sennheiser G2 TX, will may take a ME80 for it (easy to use, high output, good directivity).

    And thats it for sound, Videomic Pro and, GH2 Wireless with ME80 on boom or Lav (MKE2, AT830).

    I dont want to use a follow focus or something, this rig should be for doc work.

    So i decided for this small one above.

    I am not sure if i should power it seperate, what i dont want is a 14.4V V-Monut, may a smaller Canon or Sony 7.4V external, but i am not sure, in this case i would build a adapter (opening a cheap Ebay Batt for it).
    Maybe i will work on internal batts only, G2 is working 14h with 2 AA, the Mic is fine too for long, DS214 should also be fine on 9V for a long time, one favour of not using p48.
    Not sure about the runtimes of the GH2 while recording videos.

    Long Post sorry,


    could some advise me some things for mounting this setup?
    I think most of the Brakets are too big and heavy, just want to add the JC DS214, Videomic pro and GH2, and may a LED Cam light.
    This should be one unit (DS214,G2, Videomic Pro and GH2) which can be mounted on the rig by demand,
    The Videolight can be mounted on the rig, not on cam directly,may the better choice.

    Would apreciate some hint to some Rig/Mounting stuff you use, or may some pics of your "reduced to the max"small setups.
    Any thoughts about the setup will be welcome, i am completely open, there is may something to optimize.
    Goal is a light one person setup.

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  • I strongly advice to divide this topic into more simple questions.
    Find the topic about interesting lenses and ask questions in them.

    Find or make topic about Juiced Link DS214.
    As I remember we have one about Rode Videomic Pro.

    Same about rig.

    Because such topics otherwise make big amount of noise.
    As they are very specific and after reply or two and authors decision have zero usage.
  • I would suggest that you forget the Juiced Link for now. Try the GH2 with the Rode, and decide if the camera's built-in audio recording will be good enough for your purposes without the Juiced Link, or not good enough even with it.

    Plus, figuring out how to mount the Juiced Link or a light is a question that you really can't answer until you know how you are going to support the camera: handheld, tripod, shoulder, dynamically balanced? In good lighting, your stabilizing lenses will be alright handheld, at least if you're not using really long focal lengths. In lower light with your non-stabilizing lenses, you need external stability. Play with the camera for a while, and think about stability and support.
  • yep absolute right vitaly, i reread the stuff i wrote and also decided its much too cluttered to understand.

    @ Balazer, thanks, you where able to read between the lines, nothing i can expect, but you got it.

    Thanks for the info about the OIS, really nice to know, as i plan to use the the cam often handheld.

    Also thought of skipping the 214 if possible, only thing, a parallel use of the G2 wireless and the Videomic directly on the GH2 may wont work for the GH2 AGC, but this case i can simply test out when i got it.

    Will think even more about this and sure will get easier when i have it my hands.

    Will also do more specific posts when questions come up i cant find in this forum (or web).

    Thanks for this long replies.