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Panasonic DC GF10 and GF90 Rose Gold Cameras for Girls
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    • 16MP m43 sensor, no low pass filter
    • 4K 30p and 24p, 1080p60 video, again fixed by region you buy to PAL or NTSC
    • AF with DFD
    • Optical in lens stabilization only
    • High Speed ​​AF of 0.07 seconds with Space Recognition AF
    • 3" touch LCD screen with 180 degrees tilt and 1.04 million dots
    • “Wide Angle 4K Selphy” that allows you to take pictures of yourself by taking full advantage of lens angle of view
    • New grip
    • “Skin beauty effect”, “People mode”, “Slim mode”
    • Recording media: microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC
    • Weight: Approximately 240 g (body only), approx 270 g (including battery and memory card)
    • Color: Black · White · Orange
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Battery charging only via USB
    • Double lens kit 12-32mm+25mm F 1.7 kit
    • Single lens 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 kit
    • Size: 106.5 mm x 64.6 mm x 33.3 mm
    • Appr. 270 g (including main body, battery, memory card)
    • Appr. 240 g (body only)
    • 90,000 yen price.



    775 x 498 - 57K
    787 x 492 - 37K
    800 x 448 - 33K
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  • Panasonic will announce the new GF-10 on February 1. The camera will be available in three colors: Black · White · Orange.

    The new Panasonic GX9 should be announced some times later while Olympus will announce the E-PL9 on Feb 7.

  • the camera will be available in three colors: Black · White · Orange.

    Just what we've all been asking for!

  • Added specs from Nokishita.

    Panasonic camera user after reading GF10 specifications with two managers responsible for GF line:


    410 x 497 - 53K
  • This is that camera is about



    800 x 171 - 23K
    800 x 638 - 100K
  • Does the GH5S have slim mode?! :-P Ha

    Would be even worse than missing IBIS if the GH5S lacked that!

  • @IronFilm

    "Revolutional GH5S hack! Slim Mode Enabled! Sales Jumped 3 times!"


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    Isn't it pretty?

    799 x 528 - 56K