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Nikon Z F1 mirrorless rumors
  • Known info so far

    • New Z mount, similar to Fujifilm one
    • STM video oriented lenses
    • Focus on FF sensors, sensors produced by Sony
    • Possible stacked FF sensor with 6K and 4K 120fps mode
    • Video shooting will be main marketing theme
    • 4K at 60fps, possible 6K at 24fps
    • Good margins, high price
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  • Lenses for Nikon mirrorless camera/lenses are rumored to have TWO electric AF motors - each driving a separate group of lens elements. New "internal focusing" technology, where TWO groups of lens elements will be moved independently from each other.

    Btw, Panasonic uses same tech for quite long time in their camcorders.

  • Nikkei posted strange remark that Nikon will really release mirrorless FF camera.

  • What are the odds that there'll be an adapter so I can use my old screw drive Nikkor AF glass with it? 0%? Negative %?

    Sounds interesting though. I would definitely consider a Nikon mirrorless as long as it had decent video chops. I shot Nikon before I went to M4/3.

  • @Firworks the odds are very VERY high that Nikon will produce their own adapter to do that. They don't want to leave behind millions of lenses used by Nikon fans.

  • More rumors from Japanese

    • Development of the new mirrorless is advancing rapidly
    • Goal is to release the camera within the current fiscal year (which means til March 2019).
    • It will probably be shown at a large-scale overseas exhibition (I guess this means Photokina in September)

  • image

    Things seems to be bad.

    If you see top manager promising camera one year ahead it mean serious troubles.

    601 x 405 - 41K