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CP++ 2018, Japanese Exhibition
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    • Exhibition days - 1-4 march
    • Tickets - free if pre-register
    • Exhibition site -
    • Coverage - PV Japan team

    Possible new cameras and lenses

    • Sony A7III
    • A5800 camera with 4K 30fps video
    • Canon EOS M50
    • PowerShot premium compacts
    • EOS 3000D and EOS 4000D DSLRs
    • Sony 135mm FE
    • Sigma FF lenses - 70-200mm f/2.8 ART lens, and a 70-200mm f/4 CONTEMPORARY lens
    • Laowa 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens
    • Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 FE
    746 x 79 - 12K
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  • More on possible lenses

    • Sigma 50mm F1.4 DC for MFT and E-mount
    • Zeiss 25mm F2.4 FE
    • Laowa 9mm F2.8 APS-C E-mount lens
    • Panasonic Leica 50-200mm MFT
    • Fuji 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS Pancake Power Zoom
  • Sigma confirmed they will not announce any new DP camera at the Cp+ show which starts on March 1. But they will have many other new products. I guess they also tease the possible launch of their new FF lenses for mirrorless system (Sony and maybe also Nikon).

  • For Sony a full line up of fixed ART lens will arrive at cp+… they will be launched till end of year. For Nikon and canon users, they will have new 70-200 f2.8 ART and 70-200 f4 contemporary. Have a nice day. The FE lenses will be all new lenses and not adaptation from the existing one

    1. Zeiss Loxia 25mm f/2.5 FE. It will cost $1,299 and preorders will be open on February 14
    2. Laowa 9mm f/2.8 for APS-C E-mount. To be announced within the next days
    3. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 APS-C E-mount lens
    4. Presentation of a new Sigma FE lens line - ART primes, can be also one zoom
    5. New Samyang FE lens
    6. Tokina Super wide and Wide FE primes

    Upcoming lenses again.